Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Birthday!



 Hey guys! Bet y'all know this, but Happy Birthday Animal Jam! Animal Jam has just reached it's second birthday! I remember the first, but the first isn't as good as the second, in my opinion, because there's a party! The party pictures are below.


  Click the candle flame for a cake, donuts, or ice cream.

Swimmin' in cake!
 This is the birthday shop's entrance. Just click on it to shop!

This is everything in the shop. Anyone notice there's ONLY shammans and Zios? Mira's out, which is surprising. But my theory is about that note in the Jamma Journal a few weeks ago. It said that the shammans were gonna come back. This may be the start of a new day! The shammans are rising! It's so pawsome! Now I'll show you the first birthday cake, as well as the second. 


The second birthday cake doesn't go in flames, unlike the first birthday cake. But the second birthday cake makes up for that with size. To get the second birthday cake, use the code birthdaybash. Now, it's time to give AJ a well deserved song.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! 
Happy Birthday, Animal Jam!
Happy Birthday to you!

 That's all I have for today, hope you liked the post!



  1. Hey sriha123! I was on snowyclaw's blog, looking at blogs she had on her blog list, and I found your blog! Cool blog!


  2. Do you want me to put this blog on my blogs?

    P.S. i do like this blog!