Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1000 Views and Membership!

      Alright, so this post is one I wrote a while ago, but never posted!!

Hi guys! Can you guys believe it!? We have 1,000 views!!! We've gone so far and I'm so happy about this. I want to have a party, but I'm not sure when...

        A good friend of mine (in real life) just happened to give me a new 3 month membership, ( a Snow Leopard ) and a lovely Animal Jam gem code card! I hope this will help me be a better blogger to you guys, and let me explore colors, letters, and more. Her name on Animal Jam is Codyzoeyanna and I am having her as the first Random Juicy Jammer!  But more than any material object, she is an energetic, awesome friend. Congratulations Codyzoeyanna!

As a side note, if you check out my animals, a glitch has happened in which the Snow Leopard hasn't come. But don't worry, AJHQ said they would help me when I sent an e-mail, and this has nothing to do with Codyzoeyanna at all.

          Also, I have noticed some advertisements on the blog. I haven't put them up, and I have no way to stop them.  Hope they aren't too much of a bother.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Hey Guys! Heads Up!!

Hey guys!! I haven't posted since, October, I know pretty crazy. But hey, when you can't get on Animal Jam, it's pretty frustrating and messes up your blog pretty well. But this Summer, we're visiting my grandparents and I get an outlet! But I've decided that I should change up the blog. Get a bit more creative. Most people just update on items. That's cool, I'm alright with that. What I think though, is to make my blog a bit...personal. Random. Maybe a tidbit on a person I met.  Advice. Stories.  I'll do my best to update on a party or a Monday Rare, and the new land Cosmo seems to have found, but we're gonna be changing. So I welcome you to a new blog, one that's gonna be more me, and more colorful!


Cheers, Sriha123