Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1000 Views and Membership!

      Alright, so this post is one I wrote a while ago, but never posted!!

Hi guys! Can you guys believe it!? We have 1,000 views!!! We've gone so far and I'm so happy about this. I want to have a party, but I'm not sure when...

        A good friend of mine (in real life) just happened to give me a new 3 month membership, ( a Snow Leopard ) and a lovely Animal Jam gem code card! I hope this will help me be a better blogger to you guys, and let me explore colors, letters, and more. Her name on Animal Jam is Codyzoeyanna and I am having her as the first Random Juicy Jammer!  But more than any material object, she is an energetic, awesome friend. Congratulations Codyzoeyanna!

As a side note, if you check out my animals, a glitch has happened in which the Snow Leopard hasn't come. But don't worry, AJHQ said they would help me when I sent an e-mail, and this has nothing to do with Codyzoeyanna at all.

          Also, I have noticed some advertisements on the blog. I haven't put them up, and I have no way to stop them.  Hope they aren't too much of a bother.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Hey Guys! Heads Up!!

Hey guys!! I haven't posted since, October, I know pretty crazy. But hey, when you can't get on Animal Jam, it's pretty frustrating and messes up your blog pretty well. But this Summer, we're visiting my grandparents and I get an outlet! But I've decided that I should change up the blog. Get a bit more creative. Most people just update on items. That's cool, I'm alright with that. What I think though, is to make my blog a bit...personal. Random. Maybe a tidbit on a person I met.  Advice. Stories.  I'll do my best to update on a party or a Monday Rare, and the new land Cosmo seems to have found, but we're gonna be changing. So I welcome you to a new blog, one that's gonna be more me, and more colorful!


Cheers, Sriha123


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cra-ZY Stuff Going On!

Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't been posting! You see, my computer has broken down, and my parents' computers don't work with Animal Jam! I've heard about all this cool Day of the Phantom stuff, but I can't keep you guys updated. I've got all this cool stuff going on that I want to do with you guys! Anyway..

    Animal Jam Charm has 500 views!!!

I can't tell you how happy I am to see this blog thriving! I want to give you guys a big thanks for everything! And I wanted to have the first EVER AJC Contest when we reached 500, and here it is! The contest will start when I am able to get on Animal Jam and take some photos for the AJC Contest. And actually, we're closer to 600 than 500! Again, I am so thankful to you guys for getting AJC this far! 

                                              Here's a big thanks for you guys!  


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Birthday!



 Hey guys! Bet y'all know this, but Happy Birthday Animal Jam! Animal Jam has just reached it's second birthday! I remember the first, but the first isn't as good as the second, in my opinion, because there's a party! The party pictures are below.


  Click the candle flame for a cake, donuts, or ice cream.

Swimmin' in cake!
 This is the birthday shop's entrance. Just click on it to shop!

This is everything in the shop. Anyone notice there's ONLY shammans and Zios? Mira's out, which is surprising. But my theory is about that note in the Jamma Journal a few weeks ago. It said that the shammans were gonna come back. This may be the start of a new day! The shammans are rising! It's so pawsome! Now I'll show you the first birthday cake, as well as the second. 


The second birthday cake doesn't go in flames, unlike the first birthday cake. But the second birthday cake makes up for that with size. To get the second birthday cake, use the code birthdaybash. Now, it's time to give AJ a well deserved song.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! 
Happy Birthday, Animal Jam!
Happy Birthday to you!

 That's all I have for today, hope you liked the post!


Friday, August 31, 2012

Monkeys are BACK!

    Hey Guys! I bet almost all of you have realized that monkeys are back! We all donated 100 MILLION GEMS! 

I bet Graham is happy!

Monkey toys can now mean something!

There are even parties for these cool animals!

Monkeys are popping up everywhere!

What do you all think about this? Are you happy? Mad? Tell me in the comments! Thank you all for reading the post! Remember to visit again soon! 


I'd like to thank Lora28965 for the photo. The den's owner chose to stay anonymous.

Friday, August 10, 2012


*Party is over, thanks for coming*

Hey jammers! Many of you have heard about the 100 views party going on tommorow. But guess what? We have TWO HUNDRED views! So I've decided that we could squish in the 100 view party with the 200! If you haven't seen the details, here they are.

Where: My (Sriha123) den.  Server: Chimbu  Backup: Nile (I think a den is a server but not sure)
Date:  Friday, August 10th
When: Starts at 8:30 AM AJ's time (Eastern Standard Time) and ends
whenever you want to leave my den.
Why: Because Animal Jam Charm has reached 100 views! (Now also 200)

I hope y'all can make it!


Friday, August 3, 2012


*Party is over, thanks for coming!*

 Hey jammers! I'm posting right now to announce...Animal Jam Charm has reached 100 views! To celebrate, I'm having a party!  The info is below.

Where: My (Sriha123) den. Server: Chimbu  Backup: Nile (I think a den is a server but not sure)
Date:  Friday, August 10th
When: Starts at 8:30 AM AJ's time (Eastern Standard Time) and ends
whenever you want to leave my den.
Why: Because Animal Jam Charm has reached 100 views!

Thank you all for seeing the blog! I hope we can keep up the good work!